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Why You Can't Miss "Cut the Confusion"

The ultimate virtual experience to streamline your path to online business success

As a driven service-based entrepreneur, coach, teacher or consultant, you're passionate about your work but may feel overwhelmed by the endless advice on building an online business. That's where Cut the Confusion comes in - to provide the clarity you need to cut through the noise.

During this power-packed 5-day virtual event, you'll discover a proven roadmap to:

  • Identify the revenue-generating strategies perfectly aligned with your business model and vision

  • Implement step-by-step processes to attract your ideal clients and deliver exceptional service

  • Learn insider tips and tactics from 30 experts who have mastered the art of online business growth

  • Gain the confidence to ditch random acts of marketing for a cohesive, sustainable plan

This is not a one-size-fits-all event. Cut the Confusion curates diverse yet practical strategies that have been battlefield-tested by successful online entrepreneurs just like you.

Stop spinning your wheels and register now to access the game-changing insights that will propel your business forward with clarity and momentum.

Meet the Speakers

Aimee Bagshaw

Overcoming Creative Blocks and Finding Inspiration

Amira Irfan

How to Legally Protect Your Business (5 Essential Tips)

Angela Wills

Connecting with Your Audience through Core Messaging

Carmine Mastropierro

How to Drive More Sales With Good Copywriting

Carrie Wulf

From Clutter to Clarity: Is Your Tech Aligned for Growth?

Cecilie Aslaksen

Time Optimization for Mental Wellness in Business

Cheryl Texeira

How to Overcome Procrastination and Get More Done

Cousett Hoover

Technology & Business

Heather Ritchie

Work Smarter, Not Harder: Adaptive Content Planning for Busy Entrepreneurs

Ivana S Taylor

How to Do LESS Marketing and Make MORE Money

Jana Osofsky

Leverage Pinterest to Generate Leads & Clients, on Autopilot

Jessica Festa

How to increase your income with affiliate marketing

Karleigh Saunders

Crafting your Marketing To Do List

Kate Kordsmeier

Growing Your Business without Social Media

Kelley Tenny

4 Keys to Harnessing AI

Krista Demcher

How To Sell Yourself Without Feeling Sleazy

Kristin Lawton

Crafting Your Unique Brand to Make Marketing Easy

Laura Albers

Make Money Now: Add $1k to Your Coaching Biz While Creating Your Signature System

Lisa Atkinson

Blogging to Build Authority Faster

Maureen Gaspari

How to create a strategic website that turns visitors into leads and sales: Even if you are not tech-savvy and are short on time

Mia Frankl

Simplicty & Authenticity as a new female business owner

Niki Robinson

SEO Made Simple: Free Tools and How To Use Them

Sherry Smothermon Short

Demystifying Google Analytics 4

Stephanie Blake

How to run a simple, streamlined and profitable online business in 20 hours/week (or less)

Teresa Heath-Wareing

Importance of Visibility for Business Growth: Becoming the Go-To Expert in Your Industry

Tracy Goodwin

How Your Voice Determines Your Success

Vicky Etheringon

Cut Through the Website Clutter: Design for Clarity & Clients

Liz Bloch

How to Control Your Revenue and Make as Much as you Want

Why Join Cut the Confusion?

Attracting Your Audience

Get ready to shake up or totally rewrite your sales game! Our expert speakers spill the beans on some killer strategies and techniques. You'll learn how to connect with potential clients on a deep, meaningful level, talk about your services like a pro, and close deals with confidence knowing what you've got, they want. Say goodbye to long, drawn-out sales cycles and hello to speedy conversions!

Consistent Clients

Tired of the whole feast-or-famine thing? I feel you! That's why I've got experts ready to dish out the secrets to keeping a steady stream of top-notch clients coming your way. Whether it's through smart marketing, teaming up with the right partners, or building a referral network that's the envy of the town, we've got the tools to keep your client list brimming.

Client Experience

It's not just a business you are building - because after all you are a Coach, the most transformative human out there; So it is all

about creating fantastic client experiences and delivering on your promise. Time to discover how to build connections that last, deliver top-notch service, and turn first-timers into loyal regulars. We're talking about leaving a mark that makes you stand out in the crowd!

And in case you were wondering can I afford this?! YES you can - cause It's FREE 🎉


What is "Cut the Confusion"?

Overwhelmed by conflicting advice on building a successful online business? Cut the Confusion is your answer. This transformative 5-day virtual experience provides clarity amidst the noise. Discover a proven roadmap tailored to your vision as a service-based entrepreneur. Learn from 30 experts sharing step-by-step strategies, insider tips, and revenue-generating tactics they've mastered. No one-size-fits-all approach—just diverse, practical methods that have propelled businesses like yours. Cut through the confusion, ditch random acts of marketing, and gain the confidence to implement a cohesive plan for sustainable growth. Register now and unlock the game-changing insights awaiting at this power-packed event.

How does access to event content work?

All interviews are recorded and made accessible to attendees via email. Each day, you'll receive an email with access to that day's speakers, which is ofcourse why you have to REGISTER.

Is there a cost to attend?

This is a FREE virtual event! You can access a wealth of knowledge without any cost. However, if you're looking for extended access and added convenience, consider upgrading to the VIP experience.

What's the benefit of upgrading to the VIP experience?

Invest in your future and secure all the insights! The VIP experience provides access to ALL interviews for a full 12 months. This means you can revisit and utilize the content whenever it suits you. Just like having your own coaching knowledge library, ready when you are. You also get a workbook, audio recordings and an exclusive workshop with your Host, Liz Bloch, on now to take your Vision to Profit$. This is a live interactive workshop where you get to ask questions, get answers and have hot seat coaching! Not to be missed!

Is this relevant to me, regardless of my niche?

Absolutely! Cut the Confusion caters to any service provider across all niches, including health, fitness, spiritual, hobby, passion, business, and executive coaching. Whatever your specialty, you'll find valuable takeaways to fuel your success.


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